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As a rank amateur who planted his first apples and blueberries in spring of '07, I concur with Deb's opinion. I have since found two of the apple cv.s unworkable here, but with the aid of members of NAFEX, I am learning to graft and have decided on much more promising cultivars for this part of the nation.          Dave Liezen, amateur of no rank; E. WA zone 5/6

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> Caren wrote:
> " I have not subscribed to
> NAFEX, believing that most members, and POMONA contributers for example,
> are professional cultivators who make their living or part of it through
> agriculture."
> Not true.  Most Pomona contributors are amateurs as are most members.
> I've found Pomona to be very accessible as an amateur who needs a LOT
> of help :)
> deb
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