[NAFEX] Best time to transplant trees/shrubs: Fall or Spring?

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  So far I've managed both, here in E. WA, with the majority of plantings in late winter/early spring with dormant stock. Here the ground is wettest (very sandy soil) at the end of winter and spring puts little strain on things, with regular showers through the first half of June. They have a chance to establish well before the 60 day drought we often get in summer. Planting in September is dicy due to dry conditions, but Halloween to Thanksgiving works fine.
  That said, I've had difficulty on occasion with the soil not rich enough for some things. The ducks continue to improve the yard and the success rate rises.
Dave Liezen

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> In the north spring is the best time, so the roots have the summer to establish themselves before the harshest season, winter. I hear from southerners that fall is best. The trees take advantage of the mild winter to establish prior to the torrid summers. I suspect that in the northwest that fall would be preferable, since summers are generally rainless. I never transplant anything after the early spring unless absolutely necessary.
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> >When is the best time to transplant deciduous trees/shrubs: Fall or Spring? I figure Fall since there will be days when the temperatures are above 32 F. and root growth can, then, occur; conversely, I would expect spring just in case reduction of feeder roots could be a problem during dry weeks, free of snow cover, when further die-back occurs when the upper-most layer of the ground freezes continually.
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