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Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch_mnd at dataone.in
Fri Aug 12 10:05:40 EDT 2011

Dear all,

I have been a member of Nafex for over twenty years but had now to 
discontinue it much against my wishes as I found the annual dues TOO HIGH by 
Indian standards due to high cost of US dollar in India.  I once also 
attended a NAFEX Annual Meeting at Columbia.

I have always been pointing out that the organization may not be able to 
sustain.  I had suggested in the meeting of Executive Board (Dr. Ethan 
Natelsan was  chairman) that let Pomona be printed out of USA as the 
printing cost in the US were very high.  I had made some enquiries about it 
after I had reached home and had found that the cost here could be one 
fourth.  I had also volunteered to get the printed done here in a press in 
my neighborhood.  But the ideas was not liked.  Some members had rather 
frowned upon the suggestion.

I think the outlook of members is not liberal.  This is the age of 
globalization.  To  introduce new fruit varieties, NAFEX should be "North 
American" only by name but its approach should be global.  So it should try 
to enroll members from other countries.  This has not happened.  Rather 
American membership has come down.  I have been observing it and feel very 
sorry for the plight of this organization.

There is still time.  Let the organizers adopt a "LIBERAL" outlook and 
expand the organization globally.

Though I am no more a member now, but still I shall try to do my best to 
help NAFEX in standing up once again.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
186/3 Jail Road
Mandi  HP  175001, INDIA
01905-222810; 094181 81323

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> Deb S. wrote, "Just saying you don't like the changes, does nothing to 
> help
> the organization deal with the real financial issues or provide value to
> members."
>    NAFEX has had, by far, the cheapest dues of any organization I have 
> ever
> belonged to and I suggested, long ago, that the dues be raised so Pomona
> could be continued to be printed.  But nobody listened, apparently because
> the different agenda had already been decided.  Also, apparently, the
> elite(?) didn't consider the idea of asking for a vote by the membership.
>    If it sounds like I am pissed, I am.
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