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I sent this yesterday but didn't see it go through....I was going to forget about resending it, but then Deb picked the topic up again today.

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But the switch to the forum presumably is saving no money, correct?  Does the email list cost anything to run?  Does it cost more or less than the forum?  It seems to me like if the members of this list should have been involved in the decision about whether they want to switch to the forum or not.  I may have missed it, but I didn't see any discussion about that here.  I can't think of a better place to get members input about that than here....  I didn't even know there was a forum until it was brought up the last day or two here.  There are already forums out there on "edible landscaping" topics (which include a lot of fruit).  They're much more active and more user-friendly than the NAFEX forum.  Here's one, for example:  http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/edible/  That same general forum site has specific groups to discuss individual plants such as figs, etc.  As good as that forum is, I don't use it either as it is, as Glinda said, a "pull" technology....I have to remember go to there or have a specific reason to do so.

And, re: the assertion that the forums are "easy to use"...I've already been stymied by them.  I logged into the membership page just fine, but when I tried to log onto the forums it gave me an error message and said I had to reset my password (via email, I think) with the forum administrator (or something like that).  Did I do it?  No--I gave up.  I had already waited over 60 seconds for EACH of the three pages to load (members page login, forum page login, forum login failed page)....so three minutes and NO progress viewing even a single thread.  The software seems particularly clunky (which I think added to the download time)--there was one page that loaded and then another "overlay" that loaded over the top of that that also had to load, so each page had to basically load twice.  

Leslie Moyer
unschooler at lrec.org

On Aug 10, 2011, at 9:36 PM, Deb S wrote:

> NAFEX is a membership organization.  It is governed by elected officers and
> a Board of Directors.  There is an annual meeting where the business of
> NAFEX is discussed and the members have their say in what happens.  The
> minutes of these meetings are printed in Pomona and since the switch to
> online are on the website in the NAFEX business pages. r.
> If you don't care for the decisions made at these meetings and by these
> elected representatives, then attend the meetings, contact the reps and tell
> them your concerns (Contact info is also on the website for those
> volunteers), or volunteer to run for office or for the board so you can help
> deal with the challenges that NAFEX faces.
> Like you the officers and Board members are all busy people.  Most don't
> read this list (it is not an official NAFEX offering, in case you didn't
> know).  So you will need to get in touch with them directly.
> I know they let NAFEX members know about the financial issues as much as 18
> months before the changes were made.  This was before I volunteered, so the
> information was out there for general members to see.  Just saying you don't
> like the changes, does nothing to help the organization deal with the real
> financial issues or provide value to members.
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