[NAFEX] forum versus email

Deb S debs913 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 17:23:38 EDT 2011

This Forum is set up to be simple.  We have a plug in to the membership
software that automatically grants permission to a member to enter and post
in the Forum.  Members do not have to log in to the Forum once they have
entered the website.

The data in the Forum is backed up regularly and the host we picked for the
new site does constant, regular back ups.  This host (whom I have worked
with for more than a decade) has never lost ANY data of mine, even when I
had a site hacked.  It is MUCH more reliable than your home computer or any
home drive.

As to moderating the Forum...I make the assumption that everyone who is a
member of NAFEX is an adult and capable of polite discourse.  If someone
proves me wrong, it is easy enough to moderate an individual's posts.  I've
been running online discussions  for more than a decade and know what goes
into it.  If the Forum grows to the point where it makes sense to have
subjects split out, we will look for volunteers to moderate subjects they
are interested in.

Best of all, the Forum actually has someone to help individuals who have
problems.  Obviously, you haven't heard from the NAFEX members who are
unable to get on and use this listserv, but I have.  The Forum works better
for them because it is simple to join and doesn't require the hassle of


On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Ernest Plutko <ernestplutko at wiktel.com>wrote:

> Internet forums seem to die without warning. It takes a lot of time
> and effort to care for a forum. The operator may be enthusiastic now
> but this could (for sure)soon wane and become a pain. I bought a new
> Dell computer and a 2TB Iomega stand alone hard drive.  I will begin
> saving all Nafex emails on the stand alone hard drive.  Computers
> sometimes crash or have virus problems and your data can easily
> disappear or become corrupted. Saving data on the stand alone hard
> drive is much more secure than relying on the computer hard drive. I
> wonder about some past Nafex emails but they are gone. A TB is a 1000
> GBs.  A lot of data for now.  I am sure more powerful memory devices
> will be available.
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