[NAFEX] Forum and Pomona

Leslie Moyer unschooler at lrec.org
Thu Aug 11 17:08:40 EDT 2011

On Aug 11, 2011, at 3:30 PM, Deb S wrote:

> I'll see if I can keep usage stats on how members are accessing the various
> formats, but another reason I am doing individual articles in HTML is so
> that eventually we can have a searchable database of all articles.  That way
> if you are interested in blueberries, for instance, you can pull up the
> entire archive of blueberry articles.  That's the goal, anyway.  You can't
> get to the article level in indexing and display in a PDF file. (Well
> perhaps Google can, but not moi).

That seems advantageous, however, my Mac computer does this.  I would assume that PCs do this, too, but I haven't had a PC for a while.  I have downloaded all past issues of Pomona (in pdf) and I just do a computer search for "blueberries" and it pulls up all issues of Pomona that have blueberries in them and, from there, I can search the issue for the word and find the specific article(s).  That method would require people saving Pomona to their computers in order to do the search, I realize.  I can't imagine anyone not doing this as if anyone lets their membership lapse they would lose access to the website and, therefore, to the issues of Pomona.  

Like Ernest, I, too, save all NAFEX emails on my computer and those are searchable, too, as he described.  I backup my computer locally, too, but there are online places to do this as well.


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