[NAFEX] 90-C Persimmons graft-rection (long-term) on 60-C Persimmons?

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> A friend of mine has shown me a scenario in which ALL of his Asian 
> persimmons (D. Kaki; 90-chromosomes) experience the onset of graft-rejection when 
> grafted upon American persimmon (D. virginiana; 90-c strain) after about 
> 15 years.  The only example in his orchard that does not demonstrate decline 
> of D. kaki on D. virginiana is where a hybrid persimmon (D. kaki x D. 
> virginiana cv. 'Rosseyanka') has been used as an interstem adjoining the two 
> species.

Dr. Kay Ryugo, UC Davis, established a kaki orchard grafted onto 90 C 
virginiana located at Winters CA. in the Wolfskill orchard, hort. test grounds 
for UC Davis. I've had the wonderful experience of visiting that kaki orchard 
at least 3 times starting about 1995. According to my records there are at 
least 20 varieties and many are on two trees. I firmly believe at that time 
the age of the kaki orchard section was well over 15 years. Having said that 
I must admit I don't know when it was planted but the trees were all large 
enough that I climbed around in them.  I don't remember noticing any signs of 
graft incompatibility between any of the varieties and the virginiana 

Maybe someone living near there could update us on the orchard condition. 
Dr. Ryugo retired maybe 10 years ago. 



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