[NAFEX] Kaki on 60-C Virginana

lester davis lhdavis8 at knology.net
Wed Aug 10 22:24:31 EDT 2011

I have 20 Kaki grafted onto Virginiana, many are 20 years and no sign
of incompatability.  Most are Mekawa Jiro, also some Jiro, Ichiki Kie Jiro,
Fuyu, and Hanafuyu as non-astrigents.  Also two astrigents, Saijo and
Giombo.     Hanafuyu does not make a pretty graft union, the bark is ruffled-up at the union which allows borers to penetrate the wood more easily.
The graft union  appears strong and all of the Hanafuyus have been 
topworked into Mekawa Jiros.     Fuyu has the same problem but to a much lesser degree.   The other varieties have smooth graft unions with
no over growth in either direction.  

Every variety of Kaki that grows here is susceptible to Kaki Sudden
Death but that is not a rootstock incompatability problem and I lose
at least one Kaki every year to it.

Lester H. Davis
Columbus, GA

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