[NAFEX] Forum and Pomona

Betty Mayfield bmayfield at opusnet.com
Wed Aug 10 16:54:08 EDT 2011

To the list,

I have gone through my files and find discussion in the summer of 
2009 about the formation of a forum but no announcement that one was formed.

There was discussion last December (2010) about whether Pomona should 
be changed to online. It was said that printing the copy would be too 
expensive and cause NAFEX to go broke, but no breakdown of expenses was given.

In July 2011 there was an announcement that Pomona was going online 
but no indication as to whether this was a substitution for the 
printed copy or an addition to it.

I prefer to read the printed copy stretched out on the couch with my 
cat in my lap.

Betty Mayfield
northwest Oregon

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