[NAFEX] 90-C Persimmons graft-rection (long-term) on 60-C Persimmons?

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Wed Aug 10 14:50:24 EDT 2011


Japanese Persimmon - 

A friend of mine has shown me a scenario in which ALL of his Asian persimmons (D. Kaki; 90-chromosomes) experience the onset of graft-rejection when grafted upon American persimmon (D. virginiana; 90-c strain) after about 15 years.  The only example in his orchard that does not demonstrate decline of D. kaki on D. virginiana is where a hybrid persimmon (D. kaki x D. virginiana cv. 'Rosseyanka') has been used as an interstem adjoining the two species.

However, as per a previous NAFEX thread discussion, there have been described very old, successful examples (Wye Plantation, etc.) of Asian persimmon surviving long-term on American persimmon, both 90-c and 60-c strains.

American Persimmon - 

I know someone who has had American persimmon cultivars that are 90-c (which most available cultivars are) grafted onto 60-c American persimmon rootstocks for approximately 30 years without a problem.  

Does anyone here have an experience(s) to the contrary: where 90-c cultivars of American persimmon have shown themselves to either experience graft-rejection when grafted onto 60-c American persimmon seedlings; or show a noticeable distinction in the characteristics of the bark between the understock and grafted variety above, maybe even showing a pronounced graft-union (such as I've seen when D. kaki fuses to D. virginiana - at least in the examples I've seen).

Steve - NJ (7a/6b)

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