[NAFEX] Robins and Evans Cherries/ beads as decoys

Erdman, James erdmanj at uwstout.edu
Fri Aug 5 09:19:15 EDT 2011

I did the wire in a spiral around the limb.  My thought is that it is a loose spiral so it should expand as the limb grows, yet is not going to fall off in the next year or so.  
I posted some pictures on facebook showing more detail, and I'll try to post them somewhere else more easily accessible, too.

Jim, in western Wisconsin
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James Erdman wrote, "I had some copper wire that fit the hole in the beads
and I flattened the end of the piece of wire so the bead was stuck on the
wire, then put them on the tree with a couple of turns around the limb."

    If you do several turns of the wire around the limb, the wire may not
loosen as limb diameter grows and you'll need to redo each bead every year
or so.  I use a three quarter turn of wire so it expands as the limb

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