[NAFEX] Stealing fruit

Rosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Mon Aug 1 15:14:27 EDT 2011

I read about the coyote stealing apples.  I had a nice moderate crop on 
a couple of grape vines, but in the space of 4 days, they were stripped 
clean.  By what, I can only guess.  Raccoons, squirrels, etc.?

So I don't think as kindly towards whoever they were since I only got 
the first pickin's, not quite fully ripe.  I really wanted to try the 
Canadice grapes.  What I tried early was not so good and I was so not 
impressed with Mars.  I think I may rip them out. That would give space 
to varieties that might be more tasty, while I try to figure out how to 
give the marauders a hard time.

Barbara R
Z7 Central Piedmont Virginia

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