[NAFEX] apple graft issue

david liezen chandos49 at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 30 21:28:14 EDT 2011

If you continue to get growth, all will be well. We are admonished to avoid grafting parts of twigs with fat buds because fruit (seed, actually) producing hormones take priority and can demand more than a fresh graft can handle. 
You did right by rubbing out the flower parts this season. Keep an eye on it, you'll know what to do as the season progresses.
Dave Liezen, who will be grafting apples until dark tomorrow.
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> Subject: [NAFEX] apple graft issue
> I recently grafted an apple scion onto a rootstock. After a long time the two large buds on the 
> scion sprouted and I had four flowers growing, 2 on each bud. It may have another one on each 
> coming up but I can't tell for sure. I ended up pinching off the flowers and there are a few small 
> leaves growing. Is this going to 'take' or am I out of luck?
> Dan
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