[NAFEX] Sweet Cherry Rootstocks: Zaiger & Gisella-6 - questions, on dwarfing (Chris Garriss)

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I certainly have but after getting virus free wood of the same varieties 
Krymsk 5 worked fine.
Western Washington

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questions, on dwarfing (Chris Garriss)

I grafted 25 Krymsk-5 last year.  Had dismal success.  Not only did most
of the grafts fail, but had substantial death of the rootstocks as well
not long after planting.  I know they have been listed as being
sensitive to common latent viruses.  I did not use certified virus free
stock.  I'd be curious if any others have had similar experiences with
either Krymsk-5 or other rootstock listed as being susceptible to common
latent viruses.

Anton Ptak
zone 4a western. wisc

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questions on dwarfing
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I'm curious, I've seen very little onr the list related to Krymsk
rootstocks.  Is it that they are too new; too hard to find; or,

I'd be interested to hear any comments.


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