[NAFEX] Sweet Cherry Rootstocks: Zaiger & Gisella-6 - questions on dwarfing

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Sun Apr 24 02:00:53 EDT 2011


I have a sweet cherry cv. 'Lapins' on Gisella-6 dwarfing rootstock and a sweet cherry cv. 'Rainer' on Zaiger.  Northeast; New Jersey.

If left unpruned, what is the potential size (height/width) of these trees.  Unfortunately, they are two differing cultivars of two different characteristics of vigor themselves, so that adds to the uncertainty additionally.

I feel that, despite what is frequently advertised by some nurseries, they will not just stop at 12' if unpruned; and that they will yet never get to 70' like a P. avium seedling on its own P. avium roots.


Zone 6b/7a; New Jersey

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