[NAFEX] Canadians Unite!

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 20 14:02:20 EDT 2011

I will not be sending you a list this year because of what happened in my grafting beds:  the mice ate all the bark off my grafted apples (as well as plums and apricots, about 300 trees in all) for the bottom 12".  I was able to prune off the tops, chip out the labels, compare labels and my map, get rootstock to put them back on, etc.  But the problem is that I'm not 100% sure on a bunch of them if the top I cut off is a graft or if the graft failed and I'm going to be grafting Ranetka onto crab rootstock... I'm willing to take that chance to save varieties, but I'm not sure everyone else will be.

Once I have time to figure out what I for sure have (labeled stuff out in the orchard vs stuff in the grafting beds) I'll get the shortened list to you.


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> No, this is not a political
> pitch.  (We Canadians are in the midst of an election
> campaign).  I 
> have two issues:
> 1) I am busily compiling the list of Canadian variety
> sources, but have received lists of 
> holdings only from a half-dozen people.  If this is to
> be useful, we need to get as many 
> sources listed as possible,  So, any of you Canadians
> willing to share, please send me your 
> lists of holdings, (preferably in some sort of
> machine-readable form)  david.maxwell at dal.ca.
> 2) Help!  When Fred Jansen, (one of the founders of
> NAFEX) died, his orchard was sold, and 
> I believe bulldozed out.  Biz Storms salvaged many of
> his cultivars and established an 
> orchard north of Toronto.  She no longer has this
> orchard, but was able to provide some 
> grafting material to me 2 years ago.  Two of the trees
> I grafted have succumbed, and I 
> desperately want to get more wood of: Coeur de Boeuf and
> Fenuillet Gris (Anise Russet).  
> Unfortunately Biz seems to have disappeared entirely. 
> Does anybody know either of a 
> (Canadian) source of either of these two varieties OR Biz's
> whereabouts?
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