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BTW, scion wood may bud later for a variety of reasons, not least that the connection of cambium is underway (provided there is good contact somewhere) and growth above that awaits a food supply.
Dave L.
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> 1) I went to a grafting workshop down in Virginia where we grafted dormant scionwood to dormant rootstock. I put the plants into pots and have them in my enclosed patio. I have noticed that all the rootstocks are just starting to bud and not the scionwood yet. Should I let the rootstock bud and remove them in the fall/winter or should I nick them now?
> 2) Curious what people have used for pollinators for St. Pepin. Any web site that mentions specific pollinators will mention Lacrosse or Swenson Red, in that order of frequency. Has anyone else used different grape varieties for pollination?
> Pocklington grape update - Chateau-Z in Virginia is using Pocklington grapes in their experiments with wild grapes.
> Check the progress on all their trials here: http://www.chateau-z.com/gpage.html
> Mike Engle
> Troy, NY Zone 5 where Spring has only been seen on the side of milk cartons.
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