[NAFEX] lilac question

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Mon Apr 18 07:48:25 EDT 2011

On Apr 18, 2011, at 7:14 AM, Jerrydana5 at aol.com wrote:

> I have some hybrid Lilacs and there are a couple of suckers growing up about a foot away.  Will those suckers, if they are transplanted, grow into hybrid lilacs?  Or regular lilacs? Or nothing?  Jerry in southern Indiana.

It depends.  Lilacs are often propagated from suckers.  If yours were propagated from suckers they would be on their own roots and the suckers would be the same as the parent plant.  Less commonly lilacs are propagated by grafting, and in that case, they could have been grafted on some other lilac (one that suckers more readily) or even possibly onto privet, which is graft-comptible with most lilacs.

You might look to see if there is any sign of a graft scar on your plants, or you could just try growing out the suckers and seeing what you get.

eastern MA, zone 6, where the forsythia is in bloom, and the lilacs aren't, yet.

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