[NAFEX] timing spray for brown rot

Grover Barnett scionmechanic at optonline.net
Mon Apr 11 15:12:00 EDT 2011

I was the one that posted the link for Monterey Fungi-Fighter. MFF is a 
systemic fungicide Propiconazole and it eliminates brown rot when 
sprayed effectively.

I spray MFF on my peaches at full bloom on a dry day.  (no insecticides 
for the bees) MFF is a systemic acting fungicide absorbed into the 
leaves and blooms.

The second is a combo spray  mix with Triazicide insecticide,  MFF and 
nu film-70(pine resin based sticker) and spray the fruitlets after shuck 

I thin my peaches before the third spray. Bury any damaged ones.  Then 
the third combo spray is 3-4 weeks after the second spray  with the same 

The forth combo spray is timed 30 days before harvest and that would be 
roughly July 1.

For the black dots on Peaches(for Peach scab fungus)  I also spray 
Chlorothalonil weekly till shuck split.

Next year you may only need three sprays  for Brown rot and as little as 
two sprays in the following years.

Bonide Infuse is a little lower in price, same stuff.  

Grover Barnett
Zone 7
Long Island NY

On 4/11/2011 9:59 AM, Deb S wrote:
> I got some Monteray Fungas fighter (mentioned by NAFEXers) and was
> wondering what the best time to spray is?  We get rain here several
> times a week during April and May.  My peach is just starting to
> bloom.
> Thanks
> deb
> SE Ohio, Zone 6ish
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