[NAFEX] rabbit damage to apple trees

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Claude, I wanted to see this picture you were talking about but it required 
a sign in.  I don't want to sign up for something else.  Is there anyplace 
where we can see the picture without signing in?


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I agree with Betsy.
See this picture of the trunk of a young apple tree of mine that was badly
damages by voles. There was a spiral protector but I probably didn't
install it tight enough and the the small beasts ate along the spiral. The
picture was taken 2 years ago (and 2 years after damage occured). Last fall
the tree gave me a beautiful crop...


A 10:52 11.04.11 -0400, vous avez écrit :
>In my experience, apples are among the most vigorous of my fruit trees.
>I have some experience with large wounds on apple trunks.
>On 2 inch caliper trunks, two of my trees had wounds at least 3/4 of the
>diameter of the trunk. I wanted the trees, so I watched and waited.
>Three years later, they are 100 healed. The trees are bearing well.
>If the branches are valuable to you, you may wish to wait and see.
>Betsy Hilborn

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