[NAFEX] Off topic: eating rabbits and tularemia

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Mon Apr 11 10:36:47 EDT 2011

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> I have thought about eating some of our surplus rabbits, but was under 
> the
> impression that Tularemia (which can be contracted through handling wild
> rabbits) was a significant enough issue in the Midwest that I have avoided
> direct contact.

Hi Ducky Michele, 

The Indiana DRN has one paragraph about it at: 

They are safe to eat when well cooked. If one has an open sore or break in 
the skin that the rabbits blood can enter, rubber gloves should be used when 
dressing out. If the rabbit is sickly, runs very slow or shows signs of 
being unhealthy don't chance it. Ticks can also carry the disease.    

Lucky P. might weigh in on this.


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