[NAFEX] Small Fruit Sales?

Scott Weber and Muffy Barrett bluestem_farm at juno.com
Sun Apr 10 23:54:55 EDT 2011

Evan,I don't know how cheap you are looking at, but you might try the Hartmann Plant Company's wholesale catalog (available on line).  You can order individual plants of different varieties as long as your order totals 100 plants.  I just bought 200 blueberries from them; the "1" tissue cultured plugs" were 3 to 5" tall, well rooted, (not bare-root) and only cost $1.35 each as I recall...and the next size up was large enough to plant out, for not much more money.  They mostly do blueberries, but do sell some other things, too.  Their kiwis were not nearly as impressive, in fact they were downright tiny but that's okay since I figured I'd be growing them on for a year before setting them out anyway.  They were backordered on the bush cherries so I can't tell you how large or small they were.Muffy Barrett

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Hey all,

I've completed planting out about a hundred fruit trees and shrubs now (I think covering about 18 genera with 60 varieties amongst that division), and though part of me says, "great!" another part of me sees spaces that need some plants! I'm now looking for inexpensive bareroot stock of highbush/lowbush blueberries, aronia, dwarf cherries, plums, serviceberries, hazels, etc. I'm hoping to find some plants sold in bundles on the cheap... anyone got any leads?

Zone 6
Southern Appalachians, 3000'
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