[NAFEX] champagne rhubarb

Scott Weber and Muffy Barrett bluestem_farm at juno.com
Sat Apr 9 23:06:15 EDT 2011

Lst year I think it was there was some talk on the list  about growing rhubarb for wine.  Steve H. (I think) mentionned something about having some rhubarb that was seemingly named for it... I didn't pay close attention, but it came back to me recently.  I checked a fun book out of the library by William Woys Weaver called "100 Vegetables and where they came from", and one of those vegetables is called Early Champagne Rhubarb.  He describes it as gooseberry-flavored, green stemmed, extremely hardy, and going dormant in midsummer only to give him a second crop in the fall.  He also suggests a recipe for champagne:  cook the rhubarb with spring water, mix half and half with white currant juice, add sugar, and ferment.   "Once it clarifies, bottle up with a raisin or two, and cork down tight.  You will soon have champagne as light and frisky as Veuve Cliquot".  I thought someone out there might be interested. Muffy BarrettSC Wisconsin, where the rhubarb is just visible at the surface but there is still frozen ground in a few places.
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