[NAFEX] Dormant Spray (Sulfur and Mineral Oil)

John Barbowski jbarbowski at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 13:46:26 EDT 2011

After a few years of using Wilson's dormant spray, (as I did a couple of
days ago), I finally read the fine print on the label. It recommends that it
should not be used on Delicious varities of apples! This was on the mineral
oil bottle that is mixed with the sulphur.
I have been using it on both my golden and red del apples with no observed
consequence. Does anyone know more about this warning?

Spring here in Cdn zone 6b, Thornhill Ont, (just north of Toronto) seems to
have arrived today. Some apple buds are starting to swell, the blue bells
are blooming and because the sun is finally making an appearance, I have
stopped taking Vitamin D.

It was a bumper winter for moss - I have already dowsed it with about 50
boiling kettles on my medium sized property; about 20 to go - it works well.

Minimal rabbit damage, in spite of having good snow cover most of the winter
- fortunately with no crust. Now to get the tree rats under control.


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