[NAFEX] Small Fruit Sales?

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Sat Apr 9 10:31:43 EDT 2011

Finch's blueberry Farm.
    Maybe not cheap cheap, but good quality when I have bought, bareroot. 
Considering how late it is in the year though, you might want to wait till 
fall.  Oh, definitely wait till fall on blueberries.  And skip the southern 
highbush except for Summit, which I highly recommend.  Rabbiteyes are able 
to take drought a lot better than the southern highbush.  The get really big 
and pretty well take care of themselves.  Don't crowd them when you plant 
    What you CAN do now is start collecting organic matter and throwing it 
where your blueberries will be.  The more the better.  Trees, brush, you 
name it.  Can you get the city or power co to bring you chipped trees from 
powerline cuts?  That would be ideal.  Better to get things ready for 
fall/winter and plant properly than watch things die in the heat of summer. 
This does not hold for the other things you are talking about, they aren't 
as sensitive to drought and improper soil conditions.  Don't lime where your 
blueberries will be!  Donna 

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