[NAFEX] Mandarinquats

alden at waldenwinds.com alden at waldenwinds.com
Tue Apr 5 08:16:41 EDT 2011


"A friend of mine who makes an incredible packaged food here in Los Angeles came to my kitchen this weekend and saw me cutting Mandarinquats.  A mandarin-kumquat hybrid, riddled with seeds in their small form (Triple the amount of seeds than found in Nagami Kumquats and only slightly larger) and cut in thin slices for marmalade production, she asked me a honest question.  

"Jessica, is this a sustainable business model?"

Kumquats, Mandarinquats, and Limequats are the most time intensive fruits that Sqirl will work with.  But, it's important that I work with them..."

A remarkable fruit photo, I highly recommend your click.

Charlie Paradise/Massachusetts

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