[NAFEX] Carmine Jewel size?

Bob Bors bob.bors at usask.ca
Sat Apr 2 00:54:37 EDT 2011

In Saskatchewan they are 6 to 8 feet tall and start producing when around 4
or 5ft.  For us that is about 4 years under ideal conditions.
We have only 100 frost free days. Once they come into heavy production they
only get a few inches taller each year.
You are 4 hardiness zones warmer. Maybe they will grow faster and taller for
you? Hopefully they will be adapted to your region.
They've only been widely tested in zones 2 or 3 (Canada Zones), and we don't
know how far south they can be grown. 

Bob Bors
U of Sask.

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So, after all the glowing recommendations of Carmine Jewel, I bought some
this winter, and I expect them to arrive soon.  Any idea how big they get
when mature?  I guess I'm especially interested in how wide they get, and
how close I can plant them to other stuff, like my back door and my tomato

Eastern MA, zone 6

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