[NAFEX] Looking for recommendation for CORNELIAN CHERRY (Cornus mas), and/or scionwood or nursery source.

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Fri Apr 1 03:09:05 EDT 2011



I'm looking for a recommendation for a cultivar (selected for edibility) for cornelian cherry dogwood (Cornus mas); and perhaps scionwood or a nursery that carries the cultivar.

Some of said 'Flava' (yellow fruit) is good; I read of a supposedly outstanding 'Kazlan', but not available in the US to my knowledge; I heard 'Black Plum' tastes like a plum as per the name lol; I'm thinking about going with 'Red Star'.

The cornelian cherries I've tasted in parks have tasted like a cranberry - not impressed at all; yet, a friend describes them to me as delicious, so I'm looking for a great-flavored cultivar.

If you have scionwood, that would be greatly appreciated, but I'd rather get one on it's roots already started from a nursery since I'm in a rush to get fruit.


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