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A buddy of mine, who has owned his property just a few years, decided to hire someone to spray his big ol' apple tree this season. We picked over 2000 apples, mostly under-sized, naturally. The size, color and taste revealed it to be an old Winesap: my childhood favorite, and the first I've encountered since coming to Spokane 18 years ago. (Hadn't looked that hard, frankly.)
Winesap exhibits resistance to CAR, but I doubt it is particularly scab resistant. 
Both Grimes Golden and Goldrush resist CAR, if memory serves from the reading I'd done. Your season ought to be long enough for Goldrush.
Dave Liezen, E. WA z6

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I saw Williams Pride apples for sale at the Olympia WA farmer's mkt, picked from Burnt Ridge Nursery's stock orchard I assume.  They were smallish, a long Red Delicious shape, red.  I bought 2, one that looked a bit underripe and the other quite dark.  Both were crisp and very boring.  I think I'll regraft that tree to something else.  Seriously, my son and I tasted a lot of apples from unknown old homestead trees while we were there, and WP was way down my list of what I'd like to have at home to eat.  The Liveland Raspberry tree I grafted is not as disease resistant as I'd like, but the fruit from the parent tree are a lot more to my tastes.     
    I have grafted Pristine and some other disease resistant apples, haven't tasted them and just hope I will like them. I know I like Liberty.   Does anyone else have comments on other disease resistant varieties?  My son was selecting for scab resistance since they'd had such a cool wet year, but as I had no info on CAR resistance, I didn't bother bringing anything home.  Anyway, I doubt I could get takes this time of year.  My son said he could get takes about anytime in his climate.   
    I have the Hardy Cumberland released by the Cumberland Plateau expt station, came from the Byron GA breeding program back in the 40's I think.  It's nice and no CAR.  I also have something I grafted from a local tree, can't figure out what it is but it has terrible crotch angles, and no CAR.  It's 20 feet from a YT that gets horrible CAR on it's leaves.    Donna 
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