[NAFEX] Apple Rootstock Rundown

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Fri Oct 22 16:03:27 EDT 2010

Hey All,

You have a good point Tim.  Bud-9 is growing in popularity in my area of Wisconsin but, but its anchoring ability is lacking.  I have been considering doing Bud-9 interstems on MM111/EMLA111.  It seems to be a a nice resolution of the dwarfing vs anchoring ability.  The only real problem that I see is the extra year spent doing the interstem/rootstock.  I hope to try it after all the good things I have read about it
This past spring, I grafted Bud-9 on Antonovka so I will hopefully get to see some results in the near future.  All of my scion wood grafted to Bud-9 root stocks took well but the Bud-9 interstem to Antonovka gave me only 50 percent take.  Trying the Antonovka was more of an experiment but I do plan on trying the MM111 in the future.  Does anyone know of any nurseries that sell the Bud-9 interstem/MM111?

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Jim Elie
Green Bay, WI
zone 4/5

---- Tim Inman <Tim at historicinteriors.com> wrote: 
> One thing missing from the info on apple rootstock is the single most important one to me:  Anchoring ability.
> Many dwarfing stocks do not root or anchor well.  This makes them very 'needy' and short lived in my area.  I'm using plain old seedling rootstock for my 'old farmstead' apple orchard recreation - and they're doing just great!  Of course, I'm not in this for the money nor do I need to worry about quick return on investment.  This would change the game completely!
> Tim
> Zone 4-5A Iowa

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