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I grew quite a bit of rhubarb from seed when I lived in Austria.  It was pretty easy to grow and made beautiful plants.

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>I grew some rhubarb from Territorial seeds.  It was very easy to start, transplanted very well and all looks pretty uniform to me.  None of it is terribly red, but I think the varieties I grew were Victoria and Glaskin's Perpetual and I don't think they are even supposed to be red.  Haven't actually harvested any as its still competing with grass pending the completion of my summer fallowing...
>Sarah Ewing
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>> > I'm needing to get 500 to a 1000 rhubarb plants going
>> & at the price nurseries are charging it'll take me
>> years to finance that.  I've  noticed a few places
>> like territorial seeds are offering rhubarb 
>> seed.  They say right out that you don't know what yr
>> getting, but I  wonder if in reality the variation
>> would be all that great for  something like
>> rhubarb?  Since I'm going to use it only for wine 
>> production & not fresh sales, I feel like I have quite a
>> bit of  latitude in what I could use to make rhubarb
>> wine.  Anyone having luck  growing out from seed?
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>> > ~mIEKAL
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