[NAFEX] nafex Digest, Vol 94, Issue 27: Prunus

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Mon Nov 29 03:18:39 EST 2010

*Jay:  Now I know that I better plant some more P. americana - better then [?all] commercial-grade plums?  Sounds extremely promising.  I just don't know why no one is mentioning Chickasaw plum (P. angustifolia) which, although I've never tasted, certainly have always heard of or Munson/wild-goose plum (P. munsoniana) which Oikos Tree Crops claim to be the best plum they have for eating out-of-hand and I've read other good reviews for.

*The prickly-pear that is commercially available is a favorite of mine that fits, in many ways, the description of your local Opuntia.

*Jerry Lehman: This is useful information.  However, my soil is more sandy/loam here in New Jersey then in Indiana, but still, since it's doing well for you, I'll try Krymsk.
Looks like growing cherries is just not going to be a stable, predictable endeavor, unfortunately.  I'll just have to experiment a bit with all of the roostocks.


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