[NAFEX] Can anyone id?

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>    I may not be any help, but it sure looks a lot like native persimmon to 
> me. However, natives ripen much earlier, I admit. I have seen a kaki 
> nearby that was a bearing tree I think when I was a kid---40 years ago. It has 
> rather small, seeded fruit, which when I first saw the fruit, I thought it 
> was native, not kaki. It turns out to be kaki, but has some fruit 
> characteristics like native. Very astringent until fully ripe, for example. Seedy, 
> too.
>   I don't have a clue as to the variety name, but COULD take a photo of it 
> as it has ripe fruit right now.
>                                 Richard, NW FL

Hello Richard,

Happy Thanksgiving. I was more concerned as to who the lady was. I suspect 
she was from California because of the other pictures on the same photo 

The persimmon in could very well be native persimmon but leaned more toward 
the kaki side because I believe it was in California. It is virtually 
impossible with the exception of very few varieties to identify them from the 
picture. No need to take a picture of yours.  


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