[NAFEX] Can anyone id?

Richard Harrison rharrison922 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 21:54:16 EST 2010

    I may not be any help, but it sure looks a lot like native persimmon to me. However, natives ripen much earlier, I admit. I have seen a kaki nearby that was a bearing tree I think when I was a kid---40 years ago. It has rather small, seeded fruit, which when I first saw the fruit, I thought it was native, not kaki. It turns out to be kaki, but has some fruit characteristics like native. Very astringent until fully ripe, for example. Seedy, too.
   I don't have a clue as to the variety name, but COULD take a photo of it as it has ripe fruit right now.
                                 Richard, NW FL

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Dear group,

Jim Claypool's widow send me some of Jim's old pictures. On the back of this is written, "Denise with persimmons, Dunlap, CA 1986." 

Can anyone id her?  

On the back of another picture is written Carlos & my wife under a loaded [persimmon] tree in Healdsburg Nov. 1987. The tree has to be kaki and is loaded.

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