[NAFEX] Pluots in Nebraska

Grover Barnett scionmechanic at optonline.net
Tue Nov 16 10:04:57 EST 2010

Thanks Bill for your report.
I am growing Dapple Dandy and Flavor King on Long Island zone 7a. The FK 
was planted in 2007 cracks badly and sets light.   The few I have eaten 
taste like _multi flavored candy_, quite impressive. I am planning on 
planting out the FK seeds next season  pollinated by American hybrids.  
FK goes off patent about next June.  I'll regraft these seedlings back 
on the tree.

The DD set  many this season in its _second year_.  I let a few grow to 
taste,  were rubbery but had the sweet flavor.  This tree grows like a 
monster and sets very well for a pluot.  From what you reported , Bill, 
I'll have to heavily thin the DD a lot to get %100. Last season I 
planted Emerald Beaut plum which gets ripe late with Flavor Grenade. The 
Flavor grenade sounds like it may do well with heavy thinning and 
systemic BR control.  Late summer heat will help.

I have Brown Rot completely gone from all my 25 stone fruit trees using 
a few sprays of propiconazole , Monterey Fungi Fighter from Jungs. 


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