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dwoodard at becon.org writes:

> I'm a proponent of targeted use of chemical herbicides - I'd use either
> >full-strngth (not the diluted, ready-to-use stuff) glyphosate(Roundup,
> >Kleenup, etc.), applied directly to freshly exposed cambium tissue, or
> >one of the 2,4-D/triclopyr formulations, like Brush-B-Gon - again,
> >applied directly to a fresh cut exposing cambium all the way around the
> >stump.

Doug has brought up a point I didn't properly address, my error. The 
Roundup I diluted was the farm strength about 50%, not the store bought ready to 
use, you know just point and spray. So after being diluted by 50% it is still 
much stronger than ready to use stuff. 

And no, I didn't spray the Tordon!!!  My fish in the 6 acre pond are alive 
and happy. 

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