[NAFEX] Chinese Fragrant Pear

Michele Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 09:06:29 EST 2010

Hi Richard,

I just bought one fruit, not a tree.  I forgot to look at the box for country of origin--my assumption was that it was actually Chinese, since that’s what the store sign said.  

I bought it out of curiosity more than anything.  It’s sitting on the kitchen table—But it is not fragrant, which puzzles me.  The skin is very slightly waxy in feel, so I wondered if it might have been treated with something, or handled in such a way that it has no scent.  Sometimes Asian names are very poetic, so maybe it isn’t supposed to be highly scented?


I know that imported mangoes are given a hot-water bath to kill potential insect pests; are other fruits subjected to similar regimes?


Thoughts, anyone?


Michele in SW Ohio



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