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Rubinette and Kidds Orange Red are two Cox children which are better with the heat.  I have gotten very flavorful Rubinettes in my climate, but its a bit lacking in sours for my personal taste.  Kidds Orange Red is an excellent apple, not the most productive for me but always great-tasting.  My all-time favorite Cox child (and favorite apple overall) is Freyburg, but it doesn't taste so much like Cox, its more like Yellow Delicious, its other parent.  I have heard some good comments about Holstein in the heat as well.

The Trees of Antiquity folks were claiming that Queen Cox could take the heat; my tree is in a bad location and has given me only a couple apples but they were completely lacking in flavor.

Scott z7 MD

On Nov 9, 2010, at 11:46 AM, Naomi Counides wrote:

> Well, thanks for the bad news.  Truly I do appreciate it.  Ed Fackler had tipped me off in the past to the heat issues with Cox and others in the family.  I was hoping.  I got one nice tasty crop off my Cox tree the rest of the time…. not good.  Nothing worthwhile of my Kde S. 
> Naomi
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> I have Queen Cox in my yard, first crop this year had good size and no flavor. The tree can't handle the wind and heat - this being its fourth summer here. I'm top-working it next spring. I got fabulous KdeJ from Feil Pioneer Fruit in E. Wenatchee some weeks ago. Wonder how they did it? 
>  Dave E. WA, z6
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> I tried Cox Orange Pippen and Karminj de S.  They don’t like the heat here.  Idaho Zone 6, high plains desert.  Would Queen Cox take it? 
> Naomi

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