[NAFEX] OT: DDT (was glyphosate 41)

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 1 22:09:12 EDT 2010

Gosh, Alex.  You're just too smart for me.

Could have something to do with that it's cited as fact instead of being put in the context of our current knowledge.

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>> Another misleading fact that is often cited is that even after DDT's  
>> ban (here), seabird eggshells >have not returned to their pre-DDT  
>> thicknesses (although they have gotten significantly thicker and  
>> >raptor populations have rebounded).  Is this due to other chemicals  
>> that influence the same >biological process?  Is it due to the  
>> continued use of DDT elsewhere in the world?  We don't know >for  
>> sure yet.
>If we don't know the reason, then how can you say the observation is  
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