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Dr. Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Mar 23 14:44:03 EDT 2010


I still had '98, '99, and 2000 editions of the Bear Creek Nursery catalogs
in my file cabinet.


The only non-grafted/budded plum I've seen in any of those catalogs is beach
plum, P.maritima. Did not see 'Sierra' plum anywhere in there.

I had a couple of seedling beach plums here, from Ken Asmus at OIKOS; in the
ground for over a decade, neither ever threw out any suckers - until the
last one died back a year or two ago, but I'm seeing some suckers popping up
10 ft or so away from the original plant now.


They don't state the species for the Timm & Success seedlings(I have a
couple of those growing here), and I'd always thought they were A.alnifolia
- but the NCGR database lists Success as a hybrid of
A.stoloniferaXalnifolia, and if you read Dirr's treatment of the genus
Amelanchier, it seems that the taxonomists do a lot of 'lumping' or
'splitting', when it comes to classifying specimens, depending upon which
camp (lumpers or splitters) they belong to.


Lucky Pittman

Hopkinsville KY



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Hello to NAFEX folks, 

This is a bit of an odd request--

I am looking for a Bear Creek Catalog listing from before 2000. I need the
description of a "native" plum , probably the Sierra Plum (to see if it is
the one that sprouts from the base) and for Timm and Success serviceberries
(possibly Amelanchier stolonifera). 

My garden will be on a garden tour soon and I need to make sure these are
the correct plants and scientific names.

Idell Weydemeyer 




            daily          maybe


Gopher Gulch Gardens


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