[NAFEX] Stakes - Locust & Osage Orange

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Mon Mar 22 22:33:01 EDT 2010

> I have many years of using & observing black-locust tree wood for 
> in-ground use as fence posts.  Trunks (even when split) for posts last longer than 
> any other wood here.  But small trunks or saplings, and stake diameter 
> branches, rot faster than you'd think a rot-resistant wood should.

I've also used black locust posts for many years. I agree with the above 
100%. But let me add the following observations. The reason small diameter 
branches don't last long is it contains soft wood of xylem and phloem which 
decay faster. Stakes of the heart wood should last much longer but something 
that can be done to increase the life expectancy is to char the stakes in a 
fire. Just char the portion being driven into the ground. A wood that lasts 
even longer in the ground is Osage Orange. I have stumps here that are about 
14 inches in diameter, still solid and I'd guess maybe cut off 70 years ago. 
My Father said he expected a corner post of Osage Orange he placed in the 
ground nearly 2 feet in diameter to last over 100 years. I have no doubt he 
was correct.  

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