[NAFEX] Rooting black currants

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Do enthusiasts still raise large fruited gooseberries in the UK?

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>I received the following tip regarding rooting blackcurrants
>Cut the hardwood cutting to approximately 6inches/15cm in length and 
>insert into gritty compost either in the ground or pot. The cutting 
>should be set obliquely / at an angle of 45degrees or so with two
>above the ground. (I have used my prunings from October pruning here
>the UK)
>The reason for this practice is to encourage the formation of a more 
>bushy plant in the first year. Frequently an upright cutting roots
>only grows the leader. When grown on the angle they produce 2-5
>When planting out plant about 3-4inches  / 7-10cm deeper than they
>and cut back to a couple of buds and a more substantive bush
>With regards to the Ben series of blackcurrants, these have been 
>produced by SCRI, the Scottish Crop Research  Institute, in Dundee on
>the east  coast of Scotland just north of Edinburgh.  Their work has 
>mainly centred on  producing  blackcurrant varieties for Beechams
>GlaxoSmith Klien) for Ribena production (blackcurrant juice).
>A list of their cultivars can be found at   
>I have a habit of growing plants in pots to take to shows and talks
>have found that vine weevil love currant roots.  My winter routine
>includes removing the dormant plant from the pot, washing all soil
>and repotting.
>Doncaster, UK
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