[NAFEX] Rooting black currants

Clifford Cain - uk yahoo cc_syorks at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 29 17:26:35 EDT 2010

I received the following tip regarding rooting blackcurrants
Cut the hardwood cutting to approximately 6inches/15cm in length and 
insert into gritty compost either in the ground or pot. The cutting 
should be set obliquely / at an angle of 45degrees or so with two buds 
above the ground. (I have used my prunings from October pruning here in 
the UK)
The reason for this practice is to encourage the formation of a more 
bushy plant in the first year. Frequently an upright cutting roots but 
only grows the leader. When grown on the angle they produce 2-5 shoots.  
When planting out plant about 3-4inches  / 7-10cm deeper than they where 
and cut back to a couple of buds and a more substantive bush obtained.

With regards to the Ben series of blackcurrants, these have been 
produced by SCRI, the Scottish Crop Research  Institute, in Dundee on 
the east  coast of Scotland just north of Edinburgh.  Their work has 
mainly centred on  producing  blackcurrant varieties for Beechams (now 
GlaxoSmith Klien) for Ribena production (blackcurrant juice).
A list of their cultivars can be found at   

I have a habit of growing plants in pots to take to shows and talks but 
have found that vine weevil love currant roots.  My winter routine now 
includes removing the dormant plant from the pot, washing all soil off 
and repotting.


Doncaster, UK

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