[NAFEX] Fleshy Hawthorne

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According to Arthur Lee Jacobson "native trees to Seattle" there are 
two native species of Black hawthornes.  One hot summer day in 
Wilsonville OR I pulled off the road in a traffic jam and started 
eating the ecotype one that has the longer spines and slightly 
fleshier fruit.  There was not much to taste (very weak) but at 
least you can see from my image they are were juicy.  I would 
compare them to the fruit of seviceberry but the fruit a little 
Longspine Black Hawthorne:

The other closely related species are "shortspine" black hawthornes
of which I have been able to find in Camas WA, but none of any of
which compare in production or flesh quantity to the previously
mentioned "longspines". 
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