[NAFEX] Fleshy Hawthorne

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 16:56:55 EDT 2010

I bought some dried Chinese haws at an Asian grocery. The proprietor said to make tea out of them. They make a really delicious tea, sort of apple-cranberry-spice flavored. I'm thinking of planting the seeds, although I hear they're hardy only to zone 6.


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> Subject: [NAFEX] Fleshy Hawthorne
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> Date: Monday, June 28, 2010, 4:23 PM
> Anyone have any experience/info to
> share about fleshy/fruiting hawthornes? 
> What do they taste like?   What do you do
> with them (jam, jelly, sauce, out of hand, etc)? How hardy
> are they really?
> Green Barn Nursery in QC carries them as does my local
> Canadian Tire store (huge trees for $119.00 each).  I
> could justify that price under the "landscaping the dirt
> around my new house with actual trees", but I'd like to know
> more about them before I invest that much.
> Sarah 
> zone 3
> Edmonton, AB


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