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Donna, thank you for the reply. I agree with cuttings, but I did not know about the timing. I will be free mid July onward to take cuttings and yes there are lots of suckers. I will go back then to see if any suckers carry fruits by any chance, it would be a good way to compare? Cuttings would be nice too. In this climate, the window for cuttings closes probably at the end of August. The tree grows further south in a warmer climate zone than mine (one week ahead, or warmer or whatever). Some species don't do as well here, but then we have noticed that migratory birds and some insects now thrive here when they used to be limited to warmer areas, so I feel confident that this variety will stand more chance now... We have also more humidity in the last few years, so the wild plants mix are changing accordingly... I definitely will give it a try!
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  I know that Lucky would say to make cuttings, and about now would be the right time to do it.  You could fill up a pot with cuttings every month from now through the equinox and maybe one pot would be at just the perfect time.  Sure seeds would probably work, but how many seedlings would you have to grow to get one as hardy as the parent?  You might still want to work on the seedling aspect, but not necessarily in your own backyard if space is limited.   
      I doubt very seriously that the tree is grafted.  What would they do for a rootstock if the tree itself is unusually hardy?  So if there are suckers, I'd dig one with a bit of root and plant it and be confident of getting a clone of the original.      
      And I agree with Jay that if this tree is very unusual in your climate, that you contact some nursery that specializes in hardy fruit.  Ask yourself if it's in a protected microclimate, as you may find you can't grow it at your place.  You might want to dig suckers for other people and see how it survives for them too. We are talking very cheap experimentation here.  Donna  


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