[NAFEX] source of Bramley's apples in Ontario?

david.maxwell at dal.ca david.maxwell at dal.ca
Thu Jun 24 14:20:26 EDT 2010

I take it he wants grafted trees, and is not looking to graft his own.  I can readily supply him 
with budwood this summer, or scion wood next spring.  I have multiple trees of Bramley's 
because I think it is the absolute pinnacle of cooking apples.  (Eric [at Siloam] reproduces all 
his trees by summer budding, actually later in the summer, so could bud Bramley's this 
summer for delivery next fall.)

On another topic, not a peep from the Minister of Ag., but Keith Thompson, a retired lawyer in 
Ottawa lodged a freedom of information request which has unexpectedly yielded all sorts of 
information, including the survey done of Harrow which Richards was quoting in support of 
his position.  There was in fact mention of supplying propagating material to the amateur 
community in this document, but what was actually said was 1) they had been assured by the 
staff at Harrow that the workload imposed was entirely manageable, and not a burden  2) the 
involvemement of the amateur community was to be encouraged, quoting Seed Savers as a 
model, and 3) researchers and breeders should be given priority, but as long as the workload 
was not excessive, the amateur community should be served and encouraged.

> I have an enquiry from a fellow in Echo Bay, Ontario, who would like
> to buy some Bramley's Seedling apples.
> Can anyone give me some Canadian sources ideally Ontario?
> Thanks,
> Derry Walsh
> South Coastal B.C.
> Canada

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