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Uh-oh...  I wonder, I remember that in Florida it was rumoured that they sprayed a lot of cow pastures with something to stop the magic mushrooms from growing.  Wonder what it was?  Is there any deficiency known that predisposes to fungal growth, or anything, like copper, that might help slow it?  We had Southern Blight attacking peppers early one wet summer.  After having ID'd it, I poured some copper sulfate on the area and laid a rolled up peice of copper screen (which we happened to have lying around) on the ground by the nearest surviving peppers.  The blight stopped.  The book says SB will get nearly any kind of veggies you can grow and lives in the soil for years.  I grew garlic there the next year with no trouble, and have some alfalfa planted there this year as it is said to be resistant.  Some rootstocks are more resistant than others to Armillaria, but it's a bit late now when your trees are already in the ground.  
    If you look for a list of plants that are resistant to Armillaria, does it include your plants that seem to be fine?   What are the nearest possible victims?  Donna 
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