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Interesting observations about Korean Giant.   I had one in a previous small
orchard - central NC near Chapel Hill.   Got it from Bear Creek many years
ago.  It grew well, flowered and set fruit well.  Fruit were large, crisp,
juicy and sweet.   All around excellent.   I had few if any disease
problems.   Even the ubiquitous Japanese beetles left them alone - unlike
the apples, plums, cherries, medlars, peaches and European pears I grew.  We
have hot and humid summers here with winters that often have exceptionally
warm spells.  Tree always performed well.  I don't know what stock it was
grafted on and I have been gone from there for 20 years.   Still in NC, but
a different area.   Chris

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Apple? - "MonArk" - probably the best apple in my orchard.  Ripe mid-July;
firm, crisp red-over-green apple with white flesh, good for fresh eating or
keeps well under refrigeration for up to 6-8 wks.   Good disease resistance,
to boot.
Fred Wiche, the long-revered Louisville radio personality who had a Saturday
gardening show on WHAS always pushed 'Gold Rush' as the best apple for the
Kentuckiana area.
Ed Fackler should weigh in...

Looking at that UofKY list, I'll take some exception with their Asian pear
list -
Niitaka is OK, but produces relatively flavorless little pingpong ball-size
unless you are relentless about thinning.  Korean Giant - though many folks
sing its
praises, and maybe mine was not true to name - was a dog here - rarely set
more than
2 or 3 fruits - and they'd be huge watery tasteless things - not much
tastier than a
raw potato; and a fireblight magnet/cripple/fatality, at that.


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a gift
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