[NAFEX] U-Sask bush cherries

david.maxwell at dal.ca david.maxwell at dal.ca
Sun Jun 20 14:34:24 EDT 2010

> Hi David and folks,
> The Carmine Jewel naturally forms and does well as a 8' multi-stemmed
> bush, although I have seen some very 'tortured' U of S and nanking
> cherries forced to grow as 10' tall single trunked trees.  Looked like
> a lot of pruning work to me, but I found the idea intriguing enough to
> maybe attempt someday.

I am quite happy to leave my little plant (which is all of 8 in. high now) as a bush, and skip the 

> I'm assuming you are talking about the Purple Passion apple (Windmill
> Point Farm/Green Barn Nursery)?  I have two of them entering their
> second summer.  Mine also came a bit undersized so they are not
> exactly whips as I hate to prune anything off them yet.

No, this is my error: my cherry is a Crimson Passion.  It is another one of the U Sask series, I 
believe, and I shall treat it exactly the same as the Carmine Jewel - let it grow unhindered.  I 
got both of them from T&T, at 1/3 the price from Green Barn.

David Maxwell, balmy zone 5b.  (Actually damn hot at present - temperatures up to 30 
degrees C, [85 F])

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